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Top Books of 2012

Though this blog has been silent for way too long, I’m hoping to resurrect it from its slumber. I have had a great year of reading and I miss the opportunity to write about them and reflect upon them more intentionally. I have split these into a couple of different categories since my reading tastes are a little eclectic at times.

Favourite Fiction Novel: Before I go to Sleep (S.J. Watson)

I read this a very long time ago but the story has stayed with me. It’s a thriller version of “50 First Dates”. I loved all the twists and turns that the story took and highly recommend it.


Favourite Young Adult Book: Divergent (Veronica Roth)

This is a favourite of many seeing as it won the best Goodreads books last year. I love dystopian fiction and this was a great read especially for anyone who love the Hunger Games. I have to say that I did not love “Insurgent” the second book in the series but I think that is more due to it being a transition book. Looking forward to the third book coming out this year.


Favourite Fantasy Series: Green Rider Series (Kristen Britain)

I fell in love with this series this past fall. Even though I had so much on my plate for school, I still managed to read through all four novels in under a month. I loved the setting of the court but that the main characters were their own unit as a messenger service. The main character Karigan was refreshing and authentic starting out as a rebellious teenager before maturing into a young woman with a lot of responsibilities to both her family and country. I know the fifth book will likely not be published for a while but this series was a highlight for me this year.


Favourite Mystery Series: Sebastian St. Cyr (C.S. Harris)

I was sucked into this series so quickly even though I had tried twice before and failed to read the first few chapters of the first book. I’m not a big mystery novel reader but I love the combination of mystery, history and romance in these novels. They reminded me quite a bit of Deanna Raybourn’s series which I also enjoyed.


Favourite Book Cover: Seraphina (Rachel Hartman)

This book cover sold me on the book. I love wood engravings and this reminded me of them. It totally captures the atmosphere of the world Hartman has created. A world where humans and dragons co-exist together was fascinating. I also loved the story and am looking forward to reading the next books in the series.


Favourite Children’s Picture: Boy + Bot (Amy Dyckman)

I do not like robots. Never have. But I love this book. Sweet, simple and fun. I read a lot of picture books at the moment for my 2.5 year old son. This was a huge favourite this year at our house. I also love the illustrations – they perfectly capture the two unlikely friends.

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