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I had heard of this book from a friend but didn’t think it was something I’d like to read. The other day at the library I found it in the “Staff Picks” section. It’s an interesting concept for a book: a series of post-it notes between a mother and a daughter left on the fridge. Really the author is brilliant – each page only consists of a few lines!  What is really interesting is how much the characters develop in such sparse writing. We are never given physical descriptions of the mother or daugther and very little personal information is revealed. It’s like listening to a private conversation and picking up what you can from it. Without giving the book away – it involves the normal stormy relationship between a teenage daughter and a working mother. To add a further complication a mother dealing with illness and how to share that with her daughter. I thought the book spoke wonderfully to the complicated relationship between mother and daughter. I found myself cringing at times at the brutal honesty and can totally remember having similar fights with my own mother.

It was a quick read but a good one. I would give it 7/10.

I’m currently reading “The People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks and absolutely loving it. I’ll have a review up hopefully by the end of the week.


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